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Our Republican Legacy

Our Republican Legacy and the Future of Our Principles

In order to advance historic Republican principles, and apply them to America in the 21st Century, we are creating an organization within the party, “Our Republican Legacy”, that will be a big tent for all who believe in what the party has been and must be in the future. As always, we will have our differences on a range of specific issues, but we will share our common commitment to the fundamental principles that define us.

For over one hundred and fifty years, the Republican Party has been home to some of our nation's greatest leaders, and to its most enduring ideas. As one generation of Republican leaders has given way to the next, the principles upon which our party stands have always endured and persevered, standing history's test. 

From one decade to the next, these principles have united all Republicans. 


They are:


Unity, The Constitution, Fiscal Responsibility, Free Enterprise, and Peace through Strength.



Our party stands for Unity. From our beginning, ours has been the party of the Union, of holding a fractured country together as one indivisible nation. That remains our purpose today.  We reject the tactics of both left and right that divide Americans as us against them by exploiting emotions of grievance and rage.  

Our party stands for the Constitution. We are pledged to support and defend the Constitution of the United States, the glue that holds together our diverse country.  We support the peaceful transfer of power.


Our party once stood for fiscal responsibility. Our national debt is a legacy of weakness that future Americans must inherit. We renew our historical commitment to a sound economy. 


Our party stands for free enterprise. We support the private sector as the source of prosperity against big government interventions. 


Our party stands for peace through strength. We believe that a peaceful world depends on a strong America that is steadfast in opposing aggression of Russia and other hostile regimes.


Now these principles are being tested from within our own party.


But throughout our history, these fundamental principles have defined our party, and our commitment to them will lead our party forward.  


We are Republicans who are deeply concerned about the future of our country and who believe that our historic principles are America’s best hope for a future of liberty, prosperity and strength.

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